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A Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move clone for the PlayDate

While in the menu:

  • Up/down on the Dpad to change the selected menu item
  • Left/right to change the value on the right side of the selected menu item
  • A to click the selected menu item
  • B to exit the menu/go back to the main menu

While in-game:

  • Crank or left/right on the Dpad to aim
  • A to fire
  • B to switch between the 2 available balls
  • Down to shift down a line

While in the level editor:

  • Crank changes the current "color" (blank is also a "color")
  • Dpad to move on the grid
  • A to place a bubble
  • B to bring up the move editor menu

What I will be adding later:

  • Levels for the Missions mode
  • Cat art
  • Support for music, once the SDK is fixed

Version 8 (Pawsle Bubble2.pdx.zip)

Version 7 (Pawsle Bubble2.pdx.zip)

  • Attract/demo has been added (will trigger after being left idle for 10 seconds at the main menu. Pressing A or B will exit it)
  • The High Score in the options screen will no longer be shown in Scientific Notation when it gets really big
  • Added the promised Cat art in Solo and Versus modes (but not in TATE mode)
  • Fixed a bug causing the "Ready, Go!" popup not to show

Version 6 (Pawsle Bubble2.pdx.zip)

  • Heavy optimization to the collision detection system. Posted as a separate file just in case you want to revert to the old version. If there is any demand to keep the old version, I will make it an option and merge the 2 together

Version 5

  • 84 Mission levels have been added
  • Fixed a bug where the options screen would not show your saved settings

Version 4

  • Added a Crank Sensitivity option (normal is 1, anything higher than that takes that many degrees of rotation to turn the laser 1 degree in-game)

Version 3

  • Fixes a crash in the end-game

Version 2

  • TATE mode added as a size option for Endless
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